A melting pot of various cultures and traditions,bringing together people of different races and religions under a unique bracket of brotherhood-offers a colourful kaleidoscope of life.This pristine land remains for the most part,unexplored.The lush green valleys store many a wonder of nature.Case in point are the exotic varieties of orchid and the peculiar insect-eating pitcher plant.The velvety green tea gardens are a regular feature in most parts of Assam.Not surprisingly, Assam tea is renowned all over the world for its aroma and taste.The pristine hills of Sikkim,the quaint snow-covered peaks of Tawang,the mesmerising falls of Shillong and the majestic Brahmaputra which flows through the entire region,never fails to delight one.Majuli, world’s largest river island ,is situated here;so is Cherapunji-the place with the highest rainfall in the world.The world famous one-horned rhinoceros is found exclusively in the green wilderness of Kaziranga. The beauty and simplicity of the region is reflected in the unity in diversity of the people and the warm and affectionate disposition which finds expression in exquisite pieces of handicraft made of bamboo and canewood as well as handloom made from Muga Silk. It is a travellers’ paradise-a utopia of sorts,as much as for the bag-packing trekker as the consummate vacationer.This paradise on earth truly remains a rare gem nestled in the lap of nature.

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Festivals of northeast India capture the spirit of its people and provide an opportunity to glimpse its rich cultural heritage. Each tribe has its unique rituals which can be witnessed during the different festivals celebrated in this region. You can choose to emerse yourself in the elaborate fanfare of a tribal celebration or be a part of a Buddhist ritual.

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  • Alice Gaudin

    Our Tawang Tour

    When David handed me plane tickets after I came home from office on day, I was thrilled to discover that my hubby was taking me all the way to Arunachal Pradesh, far east of India, on a leisurely vacation, amidst the beauty of nature. David had already talked to easternparadise.com, people who provide hill station […]