• May

    Sikkim during the British Raj

    by Anuj
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    Following the beginning of British rule in neighboring India, Sikkim allied with Britain against their common adversary, Nepal. The Nepalese attacked Sikkim, overrunning most of the region including the Terai. This prompted the British East India Company to attack Nepal, resulting in the Gurkha War of 1814 Treaties signed between Sikkim and Nepal resulted in […]

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  • Mar

    Shillong Tour Package

    by Anuj
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    Before we go on to cover some of the interesting and “must see” attractions of this wonderful area, we should get to know a little about the history of Shillong as well as the state of which Shillong is the capital.  Going back in history, Shillong once was the capital of the state/region of Assam […]

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  • Jan

    Sikkim tour packages

    by Anuj
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    Sikkim tour packages are among the most versatile and intriguing travel packages. Sikkim is an exciting and fascinating region, located in the Himalayan mountains. South Sikkim, north Sikkim, east Sikkim and west Sikkim each have amazing and interesting sights to offer those many visitors who come from all areas of India to experience this wonderful […]

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  • Nov

    Kaziranga tour package

    by Anuj
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    The Kaziranga tour package may not even exist today if it would not have been for Mary Victoria Leiter Curzon, who was the wife of the viceroy of India.  It was she who laid the foundation for the fantastic, magnificent Kaziranga National Park. This goes back to 1904. It was apparent even then that the […]

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