Losar Festival

Losar Festival

Arunachal Pradesh, “the Land of the Rising Sun” is one of the least explored states of the NorthEast. Its colourful fairs and festivals gives you a clear image of its age old culture and tradition and perhaps it is one of the best way to have a closer look of the state. One of the best hill station tour packages that you can plan in the Sunrise State of India is during Losar Festival. This is one of the most important festivals of Arunachal Pradesh that gives you the opportunity to explore the unexplored luxury surrounded by lush gardens, beautiful monasteries and religious sites and glimpse of Monpa tribe.

Monpa, one of the largest tribe of the State are mostly found in the district of Tawang and West Kameng. It is also said that they are one of the 56 officially recognized ethnic groups in China. Their main occupation is agriculture and animal husbandry. They belong to the Tibeto-Burman family and Losar is the most popular festival of the Monpa tribe, which they celebrate it as the advent of the New Year, by singing, dancing and drinking. They visit each other’s house and celebrate this festival in a very pompous manner. This colourful festival falls at the end of February or early March and is celebrated for15 days. And if you are planning for a trip in Tawang then come during the Losar festival which is simply fascinating and it can be perhaps one of the finest hill station tour packages that you can have where you can enjoy the beauty of the nature and at the same time have a closer look at the Monpa tribe.   

Now let’s see how this picturesque hill station tour packages destination celebrates there new year. On the eve of the celebration people clean their homes and paint it, not only these they discard away old unused items because they believe that by doing so one can usher in good health, peace and prosperity to the house. This celebration goes on for 15 days and during these fifteen day’s festivities prayers are offered for success, wealth and good health, during these festivities season religious flags are hosted on top of very house; friends and relatives visit one another house; holy Buddhist scriptures are read in every home and butter lamps are lit in every houses and campuses.

On the first day, houses are washed, moped and cleaned up. Later on the day it is decorated with 8 auspicious symbols called Tashi Dargye – the precious umbrella, a victory banner, 2 golden fish, a right coiled white conch shell, a lotus flower, a vase of treasure, the Dharma Wheel and the Eternal Knot. A special drink called Chaang is also prepared – a type of highland barley wine, and fills up a bucket of water for the entire family and relatives. The family alter is decorated with cookies called Derga, a traditional soup called Guthuk is made for friends and family. New clothes are worn by everyone in the family to welcome the New Year. Every nook and corner of the district is filled with joy and happiness. And this is the best time to visit Tawang and best hill station tour packages that you can ever have. 

Second day is called Gyalpo Losar and is reserved for the King. Witness Aji Lhamu a typical traditional masked dance is performed and in the evening fire torches are burnt to ward away evil spirits during these hill station tour packages. 

On the final day of Losar is a somber affair and the day is spent by visiting the local monastery and offering prayers, donating food and clothes, raising flags, making butter sculptures and burning juniper leaves as offerings to God. Experience the colourful Yak and Lion dances performed by young people from door to door as mark of happiness and prosperity during these hill station tour packages.

If Shangri-La is your dream hill station that conjures up images of earthly paradise cut off from the outside world, smiling faces of people, Buddhist chants floating in the air, mystical monks chanting prayers, than Tawang of Arunachal Pradesh is India’s answer to the mythical place. And a visit to here during Losar festival will charm you and perhaps it can be the most excellent hill station tour packages that you have ever experienced before in any trip.