Kaziranga tour package

The Kaziranga tour package may not even exist today if it would not have been for Mary Victoria Leiter Curzon, who was the wife of the viceroy of India.  It was she who laid the foundation for the fantastic, magnificent Kaziranga National Park. This goes back to 1904. It was apparent even then that the wildlife in this region needed to be protected, and in 1905, the Kaziranga Reserve Forest was created and proclaimed a nature reserve. At that point it covered a total area of 90 square miles. More land was added throughout the following years. In 1950, the Kaziranga Game Sanctuary was renamed the Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary. The area received additional protection through acts of parliament and finally in 1985 UNESCO declared Kaziranga a World Heritage Site.

Without the huge effort by many people, and governments, it is very doubtful that the generation of today would be able to purchase a Kaziranga tour package through which they can enjoy this amazing part of India.

The Kaziranga tour package offers extraordinary value for money. In fact the experience of visiting this wonderful area and being able to see the wild Indian elephant, and the Bengali tiger as well as the one-horned rhinoceros is beyond comparison.

India has a number of fantastic holiday locations, and the Kaziranga National Park is one of them. Until recently, Kaziranga National Park has been a slightly underrated holiday destination. It never received the acclaim and maybe even the publicity it truly deserves. The Indian government has now launched an extensive publicity drive to promote the lesser-known areas and holiday destinations that this magnificent country has to offer.

It is probably the most outstanding area to visit if you are a fan of wildlife. The Kaziranga tour package provides you with a safe and economically viable opportunity to come close not only to nature itself, but to experience the many now-protected species of the animal kingdom in their original natural habitat. There is an abundance of wildlife to observe and to enjoy. The wetland areas including the rivers are perfect for observing storks and amphibians, whilst the forests are home to exotic parrots and monkeys.

The Kaziranga National Park is located in the Indian state of Assam. Around the park the Brahmaputra River forms its northern and eastern borders. The park itself has a huge biodiversity, including semi evergreen forests, and tropical and sub-tropical moist broadleaf forests.

The diversity of plant life is owed to the park’s location, which is within the so-called Indo-Malay ecozone. When you purchase a Kaziranga tour package, you will be able to enjoy much more than simply the benefits of visiting one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries of our time.

The Indian government has started to promote a number of holiday destinations which previously have not been visited by large numbers of tourists. This is about to change. The publicity the Kaziranga National Park will now receive will certainly also increase the popularity of the Kaziranga tour package.

It can only be hoped that the excellent work that many people have done and are doing within the national park to preserve wildlife and fauna will go on. Visitors to the area using a Kaziranga tour package will help to contribute by bringing much needed revenue through tourism in order to sustain this wonderful institution.