Shillong Tour Package

Wards lake

Before we go on to cover some of the interesting and “must see” attractions of this wonderful area, we should get to know a little about the history of Shillong as well as the state of which Shillong is the capital.

 Going back in history, Shillong once was the capital of the state/region of Assam in between 1874 to the beginning of 1974. With the formation of Meghalaya, Shillong became the capital of the new state.

 Shillong is one of the newest tourist destination in India and so authentic and natural. Exploring the region with a Shillong tour package will ensure an unforgettable holiday experience.

 The name of the city Shillong is derived from its founder said to be “Shulong” who is remembered with great affection until this day for ruling over Shillong, which once upon a time was a principality, with wisdom and justice.

 The traveler will have a number of choices to get around the region and to see the many interesting locations, but a Shillong tour package probably provides not only the best value for money but also the most convenient way to travel around.

 The city of Shillong, is regularly talked about as the ‘Scotland of the East‘.
Located at 1,520 meters above sea level, Shillong is home to some amazing cascading waterfalls and the climate is quite cool in the context of Indian climates in general. The very best time to see Shillong is during the Monsoon season. The natural beauty of the country side is simply stunning. However anyone should know when visiting during the rainy season that when it rains in Shillong it throws it down in buckets.

 There is so much to see in Shillong and the choice will be a difficult one, but whatever you decide to visit do not leave out the following:

 Shillong Peak, Ward’s Lake, Cheerapunjee, Mawsynram

 If you travel using a Shillong tour package you don’t have to worry, the sight seeing selections are superb and cover the parts you really should see and visit.

 Shillong Peak
Shillong Peak is named after capitol city and you have to travel near enough 10 km to get to one of the gems of the region. The highest point extends to 1960 meters.  The views as it is not too difficult to imagine are breathtaking. The local population often calls it the “home of the gods”

 Ward Lake
This lake is man made. An artificial lake, Shaped like a horse shoe a true feature is the bridge which spans the lake. The area in which the lake has been set is skillfully landscaped and the Botanical Garden is close by too. On weekends the lake becomes the target for additional local visitors using the lake for boating. Close to the lake is also an interesting museum showing the local history and culture.

Very popular indeed is Cherrapunji. You need to travel a little further to get there, to be precise, its 56 kms counting from Shillong. What is fascinating about that place is that even in the height of the monsoon where rainfall is extreme; the water is absorbed in no time at all by the lower gorges and keeps Cherrapunji quite dry. You need to see it to believe it. The Guinness book of records had Cherrapunji once listed as the wettest place on the planet with a yearly rainfall of 1100 mm. The driest part of the year is in between November to February.

More or less the same distance from Shillong as Cherrapunji is  Mawsynram. The reason people come here are the immense caves which have gigantic stalagmites.  Its major attraction is a picturesque cave of vast and unexplored depth, featuring a giant stalagmite. It is also an important place of worship for Hindi pilgrims as well as a natural wonder for all visitors.

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